For Immediate Release

Statement from Assembly Member Michael Blake

 March 1, 2018

Women make herstory everyday, but, we take extra time today to pause and celebrate Women’s History Month and the continual contributions to our society from our sheroes. Less than one hundred years ago, women’s were still fighting for the right to vote. Since the 19th amendment was passed, countless women have continued to carry the torch forward, fighting for opportunities in education, the workplace, and in health care.

Whether it is leading transformational policy changes, providing women entrepreneurs platforms to thrive, speaking up for all races, or demanding fair and equitable wages, we would have no chance of progressing as a society without empowering women.

I am so blessed to have my Mama Hilary as my anchor of my women’s history, and to show me that I am a man and a proud feminist. With a sexist, misogynistic President in the White House, it is even more imperative that we serve as positive examples for how men should respect and advocate for women. Let us continue to promote, support, empower and encourage women to ascend to the highest levels of excellence. Furthermore, let us combat cultures of sexual harassment in all spheres of our society.

This March, from The Bronx to El Barrio, we continue to remember the impact of the Women’s March. I encourage all to participate in International Women’s Day on March 8th at the 4PM rally at Washington Square Park to keep the momentum moving to continue #BuidingABetterBronx.