9/11. We will never forget where we were and the feelings of pain, despair, anger andheartbreak due to those inhumane terrorist attacks. Our love, care, prayers and strength continue to go to the families who lost someone on that day and the in the days and years that followed due to illness.

17 years later, it still feels like yesterday that we witnessed the indescribable. However, we choose to honor the legacy of those who were called home far too early and the first responders who selflessly ran into the rubble. We pay tribute to all who helped our city and country heal.  We remember those in Virginia, DC and Pennsylvania. We are united in our collective sense of loss and forever connected in our resolve to continue to heal.

Let us press forward realizing that the best way to show our respect is to do everything possible to unite as one and love one another so that such pain never happens again. May God continue to bless all of us. We will never forget.