For Immediate Release


Statement from Assembly Member Michael Blake

on Labor Day 2017


September 4, 2017


Today, we say THANK YOU to the Labor Union Movement for demanding countless measures of life improvements including quality jobs, fair wages and pensions; ensuring health care for members and their loved ones; protecting workers’ rights to enjoy weekends with their families; and advocating for paid family and sick leave.  A multitude of lives are positively impacted by the movement’s continual sacrifices, protections and dedication. 


As a son of Labor, I vividly recall that we had economic and quality of life opportunities because we were part of the labor family.  Now as an elected official, it is a priority to ensure that opportunity, justice and economic fairness extends to all of our families.


Let us continue to do everything we can to stand up for our brothers and sisters of labor unions on all possible fronts; from collective bargaining to fair wages and benefits.  Success for labor union members is success for all of us.  


It is important not to just celebrate Labor one day a year.  We must make the fight for labor union brothers and sisters a continual one of justice each and every day.