Gun Violence Awareness Month 2018

Today, as we arrive at Gun Violence Awareness Month in 2018, we must continue to find ways to reduce the senseless gun violence that continues to persist in New York state and our nation.

We are all affected by gun violence and families have been impacted every day due to the lack of tighter gun control measures.

Political divisiveness led by Republicans and the powerful gun lobby have prioritized the rights of gun owners over the lives of civilians. Too many lives are at stake as this epidemic grows beyond our control and too many individuals and families’ lives are at risk. We must take swift action in saving lives by banning the use of assault weapons, pushing for more thorough background checks and ensuring the safety of our students and educators in our schools.

This vision should be treated as a safety and public health crisis as people all over the country have turned to guns as a way to cope with issues in their personal lives. As a community, we need to work together to arm our children with more books than guns and address mental health and not treat it as a stigma.

As we continue #BuildingABetterBronx, we will take every step necessary to ensure we have less gun violence on our streets and that individuals and families can live in safe and thriving neighborhoods.

Today, we honor the lives of too many innocent victims that unfortunately had their lives cut too short. Let us stay steadfast with our commitment to remain vigilant on reducing gun violence.


Assembly Member Michael Blake