Born and raised in The Bronx, Michael Blake has a life story – of “No House to the White House” – that shows what’s possible when we invest in our children, when we serve our communities, and when we remain hopeful about the future. 

Michael’s parents, immigrants from Jamaica, faced steep obstacles during in their lives, including homelessness. But they made sure Michael took part in activities that helped put him on a path to success, from Topp’s Tomato Little League to The Bronx All American High School Chorus. Michael showed a natural ability to lead from an early age: as a community organizer, a 13-year-old United Methodist minister and president of his senior class at DeWitt Clinton High School. He went on to realize the dream of attending one of our nation’s top universities, Northwestern University – and then got the opportunity of a lifetime: being a core part of the team that got President Barack Obama elected in 2008 and working at the White House as director of African American state and local elected and minority business outreach, working on the issues that have driven him throughout his life, including the game-changing Affordable Care Act and getting resources to small, minority- and women-owned businesses.

But Michael has always had his feet planted in The Bronx, including being a member of the 100 Black Men of New York and The Bronx alumni chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity – and today, he has a plan to fight in the Assembly for the things our community needs:

Creating good jobs with good benefits

Preparing kids for college and careers

Getting rid of guns — and getting people on a path to good jobs

Freezing rents and demanding repairs now

Michael Blake’s plan is more than a set of goals; it’s the agenda for change for our community needs – from the candidate who’s been looking out for The Bronx all his life.